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Our Dough Sheeter:
A Key to Bakery-Quality Croissants & Puff Pastry

For Home Bakers

For Professional Pastry Chefs

Introducing a revolutionary breakthrough that shatters the barriers of cost, enabling home bakers and pastry chefs to craft the finest puff pastry dough without hefty financial commitments of bulky and costly electric dough sheeters or the time-consuming labor of hand rolling pins. BRUSSARDO DOUGH SHEETER is REVOLUTIONISING the process, making consistent, high-quality laminated dough.


Innovative Movable Sliding Board

Our innovative movable sliding board streamlines the dough laminating process, ensuring consistent results and perfectly laminated dough along the board length

Effortless Dough Thickness Adjustment

Change dough thickness in a snap with our quick-lock pin selector- with just a single fast and simple adjustment, ensuring consistent results for all your culinary creations.

handling dough thickness
Selecting dough thickness size on dough sheeter

With a choice of 15 Dough Thickness Sizes Selection

With its user-friendly adjustable lock pin, you can customize the thickness of your dough from 0.5mm to 20mm. With total of 15 size variations– all this to suit your specific needs.

Expertly Engineered for Simplicity and Productivity

Revolutionize the art of pastry creation with simplicity, unlocking a realm of customization and personalization never before experienced. The machine’s high-performance sliding board, complemented by sturdy supporting railings and a precision-engineered top rolling pin, effortlessly laminates dough for exquisite croissants and rolls out dough with unparalleled uniformity. Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, both the rolling pin and sheeter board ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

Easy to move and transport

The dough sheeter is light and can be easily moved around and installed on different countertops.

Compact and foldable

Designed as a countertop installation for any kitchen- home or Pro. It is compact and foldable, allowing it to be easily stored in a kitchen cabinet when not usable.

The Usability of the Dough Sheeter

Our dough sheeter is great for laminating dough, but it is also a dough roller too. Simply said, it is good at rolling out uniform dough and for making perfect laminated dough.

The usability of our dough sheeter was the main feature we focus on it. Making a product usable was to reach performance in most easy and simple way possible. Here is a four characteristics that can better explain and understand our product:

Our dough sheeter is designed as an entry level dough sheeter. As such it have lack of efficiency, compared the the professional electric dough sheeters, but it has great advantage compared to manual rolling and laminating dough.

Our dough sheeter delivers great value at lower cost. It delivers uniform layers of laminated dough with investment only at a fraction of the cost of the proffesional dough sheeters.

Our dough sheeter is enjoyable and satisfactory to use and thus has a high level of engagement. It is just right to achieve your bakery dough needs at best.

Ease of Learning
We have added dough size options for correct dough thickness as a most needed function. It may need some time to understand how it best works for you and the size of your dough. The dough also can be different, even with the right ingredients. Dough depends on protein consistency, moisture consistency and temperature. Getting the dough right is usually a key factor in getting better results from the machine. Overall, our dough sheeter is very easy to operate and you will need less time in learning how it operates.


For Making Croissants and Puff Pastry Dough

Dough sheeter machine for croissant

Laminating croissant dough

These delightful treats are made with a specially type of dough called laminated dough. The laminated dough is made using a pastry-making technique in which layers of dough and butter are created. The dough is rolled out and a layer of butter is placed on top. The dough is folded over the butter, creating a sandwich of layers. This process is repeated several times, resulting in several layers of dough and butter.

Laminating puff pastry dough

Puff pastry is a light and flaky pastry made from a laminated dough, or dough made by repeatedly laying and folding dough and cold butter, interrupted by trips to the fridge to chill. It is much easier to make homemade puff pastry using our tabletop dough sheeter. But not only that, you can create an evenly laminated dough.
Puff pastry is the main dough used to make various sweets, buisquites, etc.

Pizza Dough

Pizza dough

Create consistently thin and even pizza dough for a perfectly cooked pizza dough every time.

Biscuits / Cookies

Rolling out biscuits/ cookies dough

Biscuit dough is a mix which is ideal for rolling out and using cutters to create the biscuit of your choice. Create fast biscuits rolled dough at home using  our dough sheeter. The process of sheeting the dough is much easier and most important- the layers are evenly sheeted.

Extra thin dough

Rolling out dough roller for ultra thin dough

Rolling out extra thin dough

The Brussardo dough sheeter has an adjustable pin, that allow you to take control over the thickness of your doughs. Selecting our lowest dough size option 0.5 mm is allowing you to make an extra thin dough. Extra thin dough can be used for any type of bakery products, such as tortilla, enchiladas, burritos, duner bread, armenian bread, wrap round.

Fondant / Sugarpaste

Rolling out Fondant

The Brussardo dough sheeter machine is highly favoured by semi- professional cake makers and pastry chefs, as it produces flawlessly uniform, smooth and soft rolled fondant. With just a few easy, simple and quick passes, you can attain the most impeccable sugarpaste imaginable.

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