Croissant Dough Making Machine – Dough Sheeter L-750


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Croissant making machine for bakery-quality laminated dough for croissants.

  • 75 cm long sliding board for precise dough lamination
  • 15 options for Dough Thickness
  • Easy assembly/ disassembly
  • Stainless Steel body

The Laminoir L-750: The Affordable Croissant Dough Maker .


Designed for Laminating dough for croissants or puff pastry

Great Mini laminoir for making croissant dough. Delivers professional dough lamination, right in your own kitchen. Using our affordable L line dough sheeters- the Dough Sheeter L-750 is ensuring perfectly flaky and delectable croissants . Baked at your own home or professional kitchen.

Fast tool-free assembly and disassembly
Quick and easy to put together and take apart

A revolutionary new food grade Resin is used in our croissant dough laminating machine for the upper roller and sheeting board.
It is all made in Germany. It is designed specifically for food contact applications in the food industry. Food safety is extremely important in the food industry, so we assure your bakery products only come in contact with FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant materials.

Our croissant machine Saves you Time and Effort

Ditch the rolling pin and upgrade to our affordable line dough sheeters- the L-750. Features a 75cm long sliding board, ensuring perfectly even layers of dough for consistently flaky and delicious croissants. Save time and effort, and achieve professional results every time.

Craft Perfect Croissants with Ease

Crafting bakery-quality croissants just got easier! Our manual folding sheeter ensures precise thickness control, taking the guesswork out of creating bakery-quality treats. The laminoir L-750 is easy to use and easy to install. Assembly takes mere seconds.

Simply Convenient

Compact and lightweight, this dough sheeter is designed for effortless portability. Whether you’re a home baking enthusiast or a professional chef, you can easily store and transport this appliance, making it an ideal companion for any baking endeavor.

Features of Croissant Dough Making Machine | Laminoir L-750
  • Consistency and Uniformity: Produce evenly rolled dough with consistent thickness, ensuring uniform baking and a professional appearance. Manual rolling, on the other hand, can result in uneven thickness and inconsistent results.
  • Precision and Control: The Dough sheeter allow for precise control over dough thickness, enabling bakers to achieve the desired thickness for specific recipes. Manual rolling can be less precise and make it difficult to achieve consistent results.
  • Food contact safe materials: The dough sheeter is made with food-grade approved materials, so you can be sure that your food is safe to eat.
  • Non-stick surfaces: The dough sheeter has non-stick surfaces, so your dough won’t stick and tear. This makes it easy to roll out.
  • It can roll out any type of dough: It can be used as a fondant stretcher, for making thin sheeted breads, tortillas, and to roll out pizza dough.

The Laminoir L-750: The Affordable Croissant Dough Maker for Bakers of All Levels.

Laminoir L-750 Application:

Home; Cafe Shops; Restaurants

Technical Specification L-750

Drive type: manualManual
Roller materialFood grade resin
Sheeting board:Food grade resin
BodyStainless steel/ Resin
Sheeting board size75cm x 32 cm/ 25 x 12,40 inches
Roller pin diameter32 mm / 1.26 inches
ProductivityUp to 0.6 kg dough per sheeting cycle
Weight7.5 kg.
Dough thickness size variations1 mm – 20 mm

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