Compact Dough Sheeter LM980

Portable Dough Sheeter LM980 is designed to produce flawlessly uniform and evenly laminated dough. 

  • 98 cm sliding board for precise dough lamination
  • 15 options for Dough Thickness
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Compact & Foldable
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The Dough Sheeter That Makes Baking Easy

Introducing the new Brussardo Dough Sheeter LM980, the most COMPACT, advanced and easy-to-use portable dough sheeter on the market. Whether you’re a home baker or a professional pastry chef, the Dough Sheeter will help you create perfect croissants and puff pastries.

Do you create moments of joy in peoples lifes?

Are you a Professional Pastry Chef?

Then discover our compact dough sheeter. Designed as an affordable compact dough sheeter for professional pastry chefs for restaurants and cafes. Make quality-bakery results every time, anywhere. It is easy to carry, move and install.

Affordable laminating of dough

The ultimate tool for your baking arsenal: the versatile Dough Sheeter LM980. This remarkable machine can transform your dough creations, making it easier than ever to achieve professional-grade results in your own kitchen. You can create not just puff pastry dough, but also smooth and even fondant for cake decorating, or thin, delicate breads that rival those from artisan bakeries.

LM980 Dough Sheeter: Expertly Engineered for Perfect Dough Lamination

Effortless handling and exceptional results with the efficiency of the 98cm long sliding board. The high-performance sliding board, with its supportive sturdy railings and top rolling pin, glides effortlessly, laminating croissant dough to perfection and rolling it out evenly in a single, smooth motion.

fondant sheeter
Saving Time and Effort

Create perfectly laminated dough, every time, without waste. The Dough sheeter design and precise control over dough thickness, easily allow you achieve ideal layers of laminated dough saving time and effort compared to manual rolling with a rolling pin.

Improved Dough Quality and Texture

Our Dough Sheeter can enhance not only laminated layers, but also dough quality itself by evenly distributing gluten and creating a smoother, more elastic texture. This can lead to better baked goods with improved texture and taste.

Selecting dough thickness size on dough sheeter
Dough thickness adjustment

With its user-friendly adjustable lock pin, you can customize the thickness of your dough from 0.5mm to 20mm. With total of 15 size variations– all this to suit your specific needs.

handling dough thickness
Effortless Thickness Adjustment

Change dough thickness in a snap with our quick-lock pin selector- with just a single fast and simple adjustment, ensuring consistent results for all your culinary creations.

Dough Sheeter foldable
Foldable and Compact

LM980 is foldable and compact, so it’s easy to store when not in use. Simply remove the board and fold it. This makes it ideal for small kitchens and bakeries.

From Croissants to Mille-feuilles and Pain au Chocolats

Endless possibilities: Dough Roller LM980 is your guide to dough laminated puff pastry desserts: Croissants, Danishes, Puff Pastry, Cookies, Palmiers, Strudels, Rolls, Napoleon cake, Mille-feuille, Pain au Chocolat, Cake fondant and many more.

Here are just a few of the benefits of our Compact Dough Sheeter:

  • Dough consistency and uniformity: The Dough Sheeter produce evenly rolled dough with consistent thickness, ensuring uniform baking and a professional appearance. Manual rolling, on the other hand, can result in uneven thickness and inconsistent results.
  • Dough thickness precision: Dough sheeter allow for precise control over dough thickness, enabling bakers to achieve the desired thickness for specific recipes. Manual rolling can be less precise and make it difficult to achieve consistent results.
  • Enhanced Texture and Dough Development: The Dough sheeter can improve dough texture and gluten development, resulting in better-quality baked goods.
  • Easy to use: The manual hand crank is easy to control, and the foldable design makes it easy to store.
  • Food aproved materials: The dough sheeter is made from food-grade stainless steel and resin, so it is food safe.
  • Tabletop mounted: The dough sheeter mounts easily to your countertop, when needed to be used.
  • Affordable: Compared to Professional Dough Sheeters, the Manual Dough Sheeter is a very affordable option for both home and professional bakers.

If you are a professional pastry chef who needs a affordable and effective way to laminate dough, the Manual Dough Sheeter is the right choice for you. If you’re a home baker and if you’re serious about baking, then you need our Dough Sheeter in your kitchen. Order yours today and start creating delicious pastries and baked goods that will impress your friends and family!

Direct comparison:
How do LM980 boards stack up against our LM650 dough sheeter boards in size

Technical Specification- Dough Sheeter LM980

Dimesnions of the Manual dough sheeter machine when folded

Dimesnions of the Manual Dough Sheeter LM980 when folded

Model:Compact LM980 Semi- Pro
Designed for:Home, Coffee shops, Restaurant, Fast-food
Power/Drive typeManual
InstallationTabletop / Countertop
Roller materialFood grade resin
Sheeting boardFood grade resin
BodyStainless steel
Sheeting board size98 x 40 cm
Roller pin diameter32 mm / 1.26 inches
ProductivityUp to 1.6 kg dough per sheeting cycle
Weight13.2 kg
Dough thickness size variations 0.5 mm – 20 mm

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